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Heavenly View

Musicians performing in concert.

Musicians performing in musical concert.

Does Anyone Gets Rich Working for Somebody Else?

Adult Man brushing Teeth in Bathroom
A big paycheck does not make one rich. It is what one do with that paycheck that makes a person rich, poor or middle class. -Rich Kid Smart Kid.


Pilgramers is made up of a few creatives who have quit their jobs to embark on a journey to unite and empower creatives of all types to pursue and collaborate with people in their local creative community.

Their goal was simple: bring the community of people who were online, offline. Hundreds of people, from all across the world, meeting face-to-face for the first time to share real life experiences with the people around them.

You can be a photographer, videographer, entrepreneur, painter, musician, magician, yogi, a basket-weaving ballerina, or someone still discovering your passion.

Their focus is people. Connecting communities of like-minded individuals, united by the pursuit of a purposeful life creating and making, living and learning, dreaming and doing.