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A Journey Well Taken: Life After Loss

About A Journey Well Taken: Life After Loss
by Elaine Williams

Death can leave the surviving family members devastated and lacking understanding.

A Journey Well Taken: Life after Loss is a widow’s journey through loss, grief and renewal. It is the author’s personal struggle following the illness and death of her husband of twenty years.

This story deals with a family’s grief and the challenges faced by those left behind. It is not just one woman’s journey, but a journey familiar to many in today’s society where one spouse outlives the other. Despite challenges that arise when things fall apart, loss can help us uncover our own strength, purpose and dignity.

This story is a tribute to survival and renewal as loved ones redefine the family unit, minus one.

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Heavenly View

Musicians performing in concert.

Musicians performing in musical concert.

Does Anyone Gets Rich Working for Somebody Else?

Adult Man brushing Teeth in Bathroom
A big paycheck does not make one rich. It is what one do with that paycheck that makes a person rich, poor or middle class. -Rich Kid Smart Kid.